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Born and raised in Chicago, I was able to work next to some world class artisans.

I was born and raised on the Northwest Side of Chicago. After finshing my apprenticeship in injection mold making I became a model maker. I was lucky to work for some of the best industrial design firms in the world. It was there I learned the art of woodworking. I was able to learn techniques in craftsmanship from many old world craftsman. I do my best to use the unique skills passed down to me when I create things for your home.

Chris MacBain

Chris spends the majority of his time in the shop. When he takes a break, he enjoys pina coladas and and getting caught in the rain.


Becky MacBain

When Becky isnt helping out in the shop or sending out orders she is an active yoga instructor and practioner. 

Support Staff

C.D. MacBain Woodworking would be nothing with out its crucial staff of Marco (pictured above) and Kelly!


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